What Is My Problem?

Hi Internet World… It’s been awhile. I’m sorry. It’s been really hard to get the motivation to get out of bed, roll across my bedroom floor, toss on the closest pieces of clothing, zone-out drive to work, get through the day with minimal crying and panic attacks, zone-out (and usually cry) drive home, eat, “sleep” … More What Is My Problem?

Titanium Melon

Kathleen Parker is the artist behind Titanium Melon! Kat is an artist in the Baltimore, MD area and has been working on some neat things recently. Kat has been featured on Ript Apparel and LED Baltimore! She has also done artwork for the comics “Shutter” [Book 9] and “Until the End” [Chapter 8]. My favorite … More Titanium Melon


Let’s start out with something important. If you are going to follow my blog you are going to have to know my true love- my cat. I grew up with cats around constantly. I had a beautiful calico named Snowy at my dads house and several cats at my moms house. I never once knew … More Atlas