FFXII Ashe Progress 1

COSPLAY UPDATE. Such wow. I remembered. 

I have slowed down my cosplay progress now that the weather has been very *slowly* warming up. I spent the week/end prepping my patio garden (post coming!) and playing more FFXV.

BUT, have some progress nonetheless. Here is one of my photo references for Ashe:


One thing I really love about Final Fantasy cosplay is the vast fabric choice. Usually my costumes stick to just one or two different fabrics, but with FF I get to play with lots of different mediums. For Ashe I’m using fabric like satin, pleather, worbla, lace, velvet, and cotton. It’s not always a touch that you’ll see in photographs, but up close it really helps make the costume pop in my eyes.

I started with Ashe’s belt and waist cincher since they were pretty simple and cheap to make. I found a cheap belt on Amazon and bought some light blue leather dye to paint over it. I really loved working with this specific paint as it worked more like paint than leather stain (not to mention that a very small amount goes a very long way!). The last photo shows the painted belt with the fabric I bought for her skirt. I really love how bright the two pop against each other. You can see my reference pictures in photo 2 for her belt/skirt!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thing that really bothers me is that after I painted the belt (yeah, I’m eager) I realized that Ashe’s belt buckle is a circle. Mine is a square. It’s also sewn into the belt. SO, I need to figure out how I’m going to fix that dilemma without having to buy a new belt…

Putting the belt on the back burner I continued with her waist cincher. I wanted to sew and I was really daunted with how I would create the cincher. I took my Yaya corset pattern and altered it until it was the right size for my waist rather than a full body corset. BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. BECAUSE IT’S FINAL FANTASY. IT STILL NEEDS ALTERED.

Cincher WIP

I needed to create the front V and the back U shape of her corset…this took some trial and error. Using white chalk I played with the underside of the cincher and free handed the shapes until I got this!


It’s by no means perfect, but it’s the right shape and I think it looks pretty cool on. At this point my sewing machine decided to be wonky (and I ran out of black thread…oops) so I stopped. Once I get to the store to get more black thread I’m hoping to finish the rest of the cincher. I’ll be sure to take pictures of it on when it gets to that point. It’s a tad bit big right now, but I’m hoping once the outside piece is sewn on it’ll “shrink” a tad.


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