Antsy Labs- The Fidget Cubes

My husband fidgets. A lot. It makes me irritable and I will pent up these feelings until I just burst. I’m not proud to have this trait, but it’s apart of who I am and I just have to tell him because often times- he’s oblivious to the fact he’s even doing something. Bless his heart.

So while scrolling the massive interwebs one day I happened across an ad for a Kickstarter campaign posted by Antsy Labs. Antsy Labs was trying to fund this awesome idea for a Fidget Cube. The Cube would be a pocket sized object with different ‘fidget’ activities on each side that people could fidget with. Quietly. Personally. I knew immediately I had to back this project and I knew I needed one for my husband. By time I had gotten to the Kickstarter it was almost fully backed and was closing shortly. Antsy Labs was quickly making this dream a reality for so many people. Press was catching on to the rapidly growing excitement over this object and more people on my Facebook were posting about it.

I didn’t tell my husband that I backed this project. I wanted to…I knew he’d immediately want one. No…I waited. I backed the project in full secrecy and was going to give it to him for Christmas. I would win Christmas 2016.

During the production process Antsy Labs gave their backers lots of information about what was going on and allowed them to vote on different color schemes and add-ons. The entire process was exciting and it was even more exciting to be able to have a voice for these choices.

My backing option was for two cubes. When the final list of color options were given I knew exactly which two I wanted. The first cube was the Kickstarter edition- a beautiful black cube with green buttons. Not only was it special because it was the Kickstarter edition, but also because my husband loves black and green! The second cube was also an obvious color choice. It was appropriately named “Gamer” and modeled after retro gaming controllers.

After lots of production problems, in which Antsy Labs was fully communicative about, I knew I wouldn’t have my husbands cube in time for the holidays. Instead the company released cute little images featuring the product for their customers to print out. I did this instead because I just couldn’t keep this secret any longer!

When my husband opened his gift on Christmas he was overjoyed. A Fidget Cube. Something that seems so simple, but is so important for his fidgety self (and my sanity).

FINALLY. I got the shipping confirmation and I waited. I didn’t tell my husband that it was coming…I wanted full surprise. He got home from work and sitting in a box on the dining room table was the beloved cube he’d been waiting for. It was like Christmas all over again.

Since we got two cubes my husband took one to work and left one home. He has told me how much it has helped him at work during meetings and to stop looking at his phone when “antsy”. At home he’ll fiddle with it while talking to me or when he just can’t be still. So far it’s been a wonderful investment.

Antsy Labs does now have a website where you can buy the cube and it’s accessory carrying holster Prism. I urge you to check it out and help a fidgeter in your life!


(PS: YIKES. Look at all the cat hair that I swear wasn’t there when I took this pics. That pillow I used looks like an entire cat could be made…sorry about the random cat hairs on the photos!)

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