World of Warcraft…and me.

I have been really exploring more of what Blizzard’s new World of Warcraft expansion “Legion” has to offer lately. I have been playing World of Warcraft, also known as WoW, for 7 years. I played a bit on and off during high school when the game first began, but only during their free trials so it never amounted to much of anything.

I’m sad to say I only have one character that has been leveled from 0. She is currently level 108 and questing in Highmountain (*dull*). Nay is my amazing blood elf frost mage. She is very near and dear to my heart. She has been my strength when I don’t have any. I know that this may sound silly to people who do not understand, but Nay has helped build me. She is strong, beautiful, educated (mages FTW), and she can cast frost spells. Like, seriously? What’s not to love?

I have many friends who have several maxed out level characters and I wish I had the patience to grind like that, but it’s just not the type of player I am. I want to explore everything on Nay. I do have two more level 100 characters which were boosted- a draenei arcane mage (Lex) and a blood elf demon hunter (Prosp).

Although I’m not one to grind many characters to max level there is one thing you should know about me as a gamer. I am an achiever. [Yes, yes, there is an achievement for having multiple max level characters. I know. It’s taunts me.] I like to go back and do the challenges and odd (fun) things to get that 10 points. 10 points for nothing in real life. 10 points that said I did it in a video game. It probably says a lot about me as a person…that’s for sure.

Let’s talk about Nay…

Nay is level 108. She is a frost mage and currently holds all three artifacts: Ebonchill, Felo’melorn, and Aluneth. Her main professions are Tailoring and Mining. She studies all four minor professions: archaeology, first aid, cooking, and fishing. I currently hold a little over 11,000 achievement points and my specialty (although seriously lacking lately) is reputation grinding. Nay has 53 exalted reputations and is prepping/researching the “Insane” reputation title. She doesn’t PvP (Player vs. Player) often because it’s too competitive. It’s just not her thing 🙂 She’s a squishy mage who dies a lot…can you blame her?

Do you play World of Warcraft or any other fun MMO? Why/how do you play? Tell me about your character!

Below are some photos of Nay, Lex, and Prosp!

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