Let’s start out with something important. If you are going to follow my blog you are going to have to know my true love- my cat.

I grew up with cats around constantly. I had a beautiful calico named Snowy at my dads house and several cats at my moms house. I never once knew a life without cats! Even when I moved in with my friend Z temporarily I was around her cat. So when I moved in with my boyfriend and his family there was some definite adjustment. Luckily we have friends who all have cats so I still got my cat fix in   🙂

When my now husband and I moved into our own little place the first thing I knew I wanted was a cat. We had no concrete plans to get one, but when I was approached by a friend of my mom’s who had kittens (for freeeee) who was I, or Steve, to really say no. We knew what would happen to them otherwise and to this day I wish I had fought to take one of his brothers as well.

We picked our little kitty up, stopped at Wal*Mart for some quick supplies, and took our new little meow home. At first we were unsure if our kitty was a male or female. It was too early to tell! My first priority was making this little baby feel safe. The poor thing was covered in adult fleas so I had to get that issue resolved. After a couple baths and some medicine the kitty was flea free! (And has been since then, thank goodness.  I don’t want to even think about having to bathe Atlas now….).

Steve and I mulled over names back and forth for about two weeks. When we found out that our kitty was indeed a boy we went with the most obvious choice: Atlas.

The name Atlas has many meanings behind it- but let’s be real…and honest. I chose the name Atlas after my all-time favorite video game: Bioshock. For those of you who don’t know what Bioshock is- here is the trailer for the brand new “Bioshock: The Collection” which launched September 13, 2016. The trailer features game play from all 3 Bioshock games, but it really helps understand what the story is.

Atlas is currently a very naughty, but cute 4 year old. He enjoys: sleeping, chasing the sun spots, trying to get the red dot, playing with his bear, and eating. He doesn’t like: strangers, loud people, being ignored when hungry, or eating the same thing over and over for weeks.

He is my entire life. I cannot imagine a day where I don’t come home and see his furry little butt. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Atlas throughout the years! He’s my ray of sunshine<3

How about you? Do you have a special cat or animal friend in your life?

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